The Community Stress Prevention Center

Training & Workshops
CSPC provides pre and post disaster training with an emphasis on cross-cultural work. CSPC has a long history of developing programs, manuals, standing operational procedures (SOPs) in conjunction with a variety of clients: local authorities and community services as well as with the Ministries and operational bodies.
Promoting Crisis Management
With a strong commitment to promoting stress and crisis management on a national, organisational, community and individual level within Israel, CSPC’s mission is to lead the way in the field of trauma, and to advance the resiliency of Israeli society through treatment, prevention, public awareness and research.

Who we are?

The Community Stress Prevention Centre (CSPC) is the oldest organization in Israel that deals with the treatment and prevention of psychotrauma. CSPC promotes stress and crisis management on national, organizational, community and individual levels world wide. CSPC has been providing both multidisciplinary treatment and support to victims of psycho-trauma due to terror and war within Israel for over 37 years.

What we do?

Post-disaster training

Psychosocial training for teams of psychologists, psychiatrists, community workers, social workers and educators


CSPC provides disaster management consultation and preparedness activities through "real-time" intervention and post-incident recovery and treatment for all society partners

Research Center

CSPC serves as the Tel Hai College Research Center for Social Sciences and Humanities. The research team has published articles and books dealing with the psychosocial aspects of disaster and crisis management

Cross-Cultural Work

Our cross-cultural work with a variety of communities  and faiths in Israel and world-wide , spread over 37 years, has included groups from the former USSR and Ethiopia, ultra-orthodox Jews, Moslems, Christian Bedouins and Druze communities.  CSPC has been the leader of a consortium of experts who designed five community resiliency centers in the south of Israel since 2007. We have the knowledge and experience to revise and adjust it to the specific local characteristics.

Workshops & Intervention Programs

Therapeutic Garden Model

Sensation-spaces in a natural context, provide individuals with an opportunity for a multi-sensory experience
further your knowledge on multisensory interaction within natural environments that will allow your clients to get to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their surroundings

What helps me cope with difficulties

A comprehensive short-term program that uses puppet theatre and stories to develop coping skills in children at the ages of 4-7, who are exposed to chronic threat
The program teaches applicable tools, to the children, their parents, and the educational teams, enabling them to cope with difficulties and times of great stress and danger.

Resilience Training

Build individual, community and organizational resilience - from theory to practice
Reduce compassion fatigue and ensure optimal functioning and business continuity
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